3 years ago

Soyeah. I got on Tumblr and I noticed that not only did I have another follower, but one of my STYG quotes had been reblogged by that new follower! Joy of joys, right? 

^^^Yeah, pretty much that except I’m a dude.

And then I went to this person’s page to follow them back! So I headed over to representyourshit.tumblr.com… And I found that it was a pretty damn cool page. Typical for Tumblr maybe, but I took pride in that a “seventeen year-old girl who used to have hundreds of followers and… had to make a new page” (It was a better story on their page) had made me one of their first reblogs by some chance. I decided to go troll the ask and try to start conversation, for I am a single male at 17 who was curious and loner-rific. 

Alas, by the time my shoddy internet loaded the ask page, her page had been taken down. The timing… v_v I’ve refreshed several times. 

My life.

So now I’ll be up all night, wondering who this person was, what their life has been like, and whether I’ll one day meet them and never know it. Because I overthink everything. That’s how I roll.

Anyway, if representyourshit sees this, I’m pretty sure I don’t go to your school - 17 and living in Japan.

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